A red U.S and a Blue U.S?

Since Colo wants to choose who is on their ballot for President in a national election I guess that can work both ways. That was my first thought Wedsnday

I see now that Texas is considering taking Biden off of the ballot. I’ll bet some other red states will join them if the the supreme court does not put an end to it. Otherwise, we are heading towards red states succeeding from the blue states. Something has got to give if we are going to avoid that or worse, 'a civil war. I think the they will. I hope they will. this will get ugly quickly.

They already met in bohemian grove to choose who will be the next puppet for the beast system. They love to divide and conquer.

I know where you are coming from. But there are many good and honorable men left in the world. I believe that.

The only problem with that is seeing them go down the wrong path once they get into politics. I saw it here in Wis. Too many pay to play scenarios on the left and the right.

Edited to add - But I do understand your viewpoint on all this Kevin…I’m stiĺl in the mo d of not voting at all, but of course, still praying about it.

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Kay, I’ve always considered politics through a worldly view because it is a worldly issue.
I think God did have had his hand on Americas shoulder at one time, but that account was likely overdrawn and closed a long time ago. There are many good men in elected office who are God fearing and fighting for good. They are counting on our support and vote. By this time next year your right to vote may have been taken away. Oh yeah, 'I’m gonna vote, my wife, kids and grandkids are going to vote for the candidates whose views align with ours.
I hope you do too.

First you develop a full blown lie, about insurrection, then you play upon the lie with some more fabrication for some end. Where have I read similar? Oh, the m.o. on the book of Esther…fairy tale to pumping up some fake religion.

Even if Christ was here and, on the ballot, elected through some miracle, He could never make any real gains in changing things operating in the cesspool of a system we have in place.

One of the first things He does after His return is to throw the beastly system into the fire. He cleans house, sets up His government and only then can the world be set in order.

Placing a Glade air freshener on a pile of smoldering road apples won’t take away the smell and flies. In the end, you still get maggots.