A Quick Note On Christian Passover - 2024

Christian Passover is coming up!

It’s the evening of April 2nd this year. Two weeks ago, I posted a study titled, When Is The Month Of Abib? This study explains what the month of Abib is and when it occurs with some other fine details sprinkled in. It will help you lock in the timing of passover and how we celebrate it today.

Today, I published Jesus Became Our Passover Lamb. This study explains how Jesus Christ replaced the passover of old. How He became that sacrificial passover lamb. It’s an important lesson and it contrasts with the ancient past.

Looking forward, in two weeks, I’ll publish a highly in-depth study on Christian Passover.

Around this time of year, I usually get a lot of questions from readers about this holiday. Sometimes, it’s confused with Jewish passover and it’s dating. I’ve covered all those topics and explained the details. You can find answers to all of your questions by visiting the Christian Passover topic.

It’s a fantastic place to find lots of details and resources for yourself, and to share with others.

Thanks so much!


Thanks Brandon! God bless you and yours!!