A Note On The 2023 Republican Debate

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Well, it wasn’t a debate, they never are anymore. There was lots of promises and lots of propaganda. I don’t feel many of the real issues surfaced last night. Only the issues above the surface. Lots of blame on Biden, but not much of how they will fix our nations problems. Oh, I’m not talking…

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They are all bought and paid for communist scumbags.

Whether you take the blue road or red road they both go to the same destination! And this two road system do their best to make sure no other roads gain any stature. Seems like God’s Road has more and more travelers in the ditch than on it!


Thanks for sitting threw that BS to give us an update. I just cannot watch any of that anymore. Wouldn’t it be cool to sit and watch a debate that included Jesus Himself?


I also suffered through this “debate” as well but I would have to disagree with some of the things you said. I believe Vivek actually did address illegal immigration and gave a plan to how to protect the border, he also called the hysteria over climate change a hoax. I haven’t done a “deep dive” on where his money came from but I don’t believe he has mega donors that he is beholden to, I could be wrong on that though. I believe he also was the only one that said the funding to Ukraine needs to end immediately and he wants to get rid of the FBI, CIA, and DOJ. I haven’t been able to find a full transcript to go over everything but those are some things I remember him saying. Of course he is a smart guy and could just be saying things that he thinks people want to hear, no doubt about that.

P.S. I dislike both parties, I didn’t vote in 2020, just making an observation.

Vivek did say climate change was a hoax which i agree on that topic is a waste. But they need something the whole world can agree on to get to the 1 world gov. I think the presidents are picked in bohemian grove before all the votes so i don’t vote anymore. That’s just me though. I don’t push my agenda on others. I only push Jesus :sunglasses:

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None of them will answer this question.

“How do you plan to stop the War On White People that’s raging across America?”

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Watching a debate is like watching a soap, the plot never changes, just the ones who are in the bed.

I’m thinking we should all send Brandon a monetary gift since he watched it to give us his viewpoint! Poor guy…

Thanks for the notes Adam.

What you said is correct, it was sufferable, but I don’t believe anyone will do what they said. He had some good points and was the most direct of all the candidates.

I still and never will be for a border wall (or cross border military), its a policy problem (that’s more spending). Just ask the millions coming into our country. So that’s why I said what I did. Ants always come to the picnic, no picnic, no ants.

Glad someone else suffered with me through the “debate.” :grin:

Good stuff adam. Ya im not sure our vote really even counts for president :man_shrugging:. I Def agree to get rid of the alphabet groups especially the ATF. They are a fraud group and ruin everything.

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