A Nation In Peril

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The United States was once a blessed nation, but it’s now in peril as society falls away from God. How do our elections play into this, and how should we vote?


I am 49 years old and I can say with pride. I have never voted for anyone in any election in my whole life. I am not registered to vote and never have been. I get into alot of discussions with people who think I am stupid or un american. I also think going over to other countries to fight for freedom here is an incorrect idea. I also have never given blood. I have never understood the idea of taking and giving blood. I guess I am a bit simple. Same with swapping organs. When it is my time, it is my time. easy as that. Happy Friday…


F a i t h without works is dead… we need to get involved at the local level starting at the precinct caucuses and local elections school boards and City councils this is where the rubber meets the road!! Apathy and passivity seems to be the norm among the Christian churches who think they are too spiritual to get involved or other people are not godly enough for them?? Who are you oh man that judges another? This sounds like a little passive aggressive assault on our number 45 again because of his sins in the past was so called prostitutes blah blah blah?? Please remember Trump help restore people’s faith and proclaiming Christmas Merry Christmas okay!! He held up a Bible in front of the burned church in dc. You stood up and intervened for persecuted Christians all over the globe. We allowed Christians of every denomination to pray for him and be a part of his administration. In the midst of this famine if we don’t stand up for Godly principles and values in our community and government we are in a deep Abyss if we lose this next Congressional election!! God Save the King LOL God give us spiritual fortitude like the queen who put her money where her mouth is!! God Rest her Soul y e marry gentlemen!! There is no unity in the community without the divinity!!

I no longer can trust Trump…I used to, but there was just too much that he could have done that he didn’t. Trump supporters (including myself) would make excuses for him time and time again. The final nail in the coffin for me was seeing him push that damn jab! I’ve seen too much death and irreparable damage to too many people. And then pushing Remdesivir…THAT was killing SO MANY - especially the elderly. I’ve prayed about this over and over again. I was so wrong about him it literally makes me sick to my stomach.