80% Of Americans Say Religion Is Losing Its Influence

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Well, if you’re looking for some spiritual doom, I have it for you this morning. Pew just released a new poll, and it perfectly aligns with the state of the world. Let’s hear it from Pew… “80% of U.S. adults say religion’s role in American life is shrinking – a percentage that’s as high as…


Any time you water down something, it loses its strength and becomes bland. The churches have grown to adding man-made flavoring to scripture instead of using the salt that it still has.


I guess I’m guilty of this. Thank you Brandon, for always being straight with us. I’ve lost interest in church a long time ago. I was fortunate that I had a mother that was on fire for God and her entire life was God. Until she passed. She has always kept me tethered to the Lord. I’ve tried different churches in my life, but always found the teachings boring and lackluster. Boring because they had no meat. I was raised by someone that always fed us good teachings and challenged us to believe in more and keep looking for more answers. Today, the churches are worse than they were 10 years ago. They were lacking then, but today they follow the world’s ideology. It’s kind of depressing. So, I don’t bother going. I also saw corruption in my small church as a young woman. The pastor stole money from it’s members and was basically a cult. Example: they charged $200 to be part of decipleship! I was strong enough in my faith tho, that this didn’t sway me. I knew the pastor and some of the leadership were bad, and that was it. They never represented who God was in my eyes. So, I moved on knowing that man isn’t to be trusted. That’s just life in this world. I try to just keep my heart aligned with God as much as I can, but I’m happy I found your blog and it’s community!


God will forever be in my household and my heart as well Brandon. I feel so rich with Gods wisdom and I thank him for bringing the truth in my life and for teachers like you who teach boldly :heart:


Behold, The days come, saith The Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of The Lord


10-4, roger that Snowman. That headline is old news to followers of Christ. The organized religion institutions have become social gathering centers, live music and dining. complete with armed security to collect the funds, count and secure it in the presence of a second armed security detail . Can’t have any sticky fingers dipping in to the kitty. The average take per show is between 8-10 k Amen brother! All in the name if Jesus.