73% of Americans favor age limits for elected officials

Sounds good these days when all the front runners are well past their prime. Hey, when you hit 65, that’s retirement age, not the age to run the world. Then again, what do we do with AOC who thinks inflation is propaganda?

How about rather than an age limit, anytime a person over age 65 runs for an elected office they would be required to include a copy of a cognitive test with their application. The test should be recent, say within the last ninety days, and a new test should be required every time they run for reelection.

Or maybe it should be required for everyone; I question the cognitive abilities of some of the younger members also.

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Just remember they can put anything they want on those test! do you think they would actually tell the truth? HOW ABOUT TERM LIMITS???I have voted for this every time and it never passes. and those term limits should only be for 4 years!

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