700,000 More Come Knocking At The Door

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We all heard about it, Biden is sending 1,500 U.S. troops to our southern border. He’s not doing this to bolster our border, but to “free up federal immigration officials.” That’s right! Biden sent our military men and women to assist illegal immigrants into our nation. If you’re sick to your stomach, you’re not alone.…

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It is a sick feeling. These hordes remind me of what the stages of what locust do. I know some think all the stages of locust take no more than 5months or less…I don’t think that. They are not bringing Bibles, that’s for sure.


We’re about to take 700,000 more, but our own cannot even afford housing.

Sad. :disappointed:

The country is falling.

You can’t vote your way out of this BS.

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Hi, I actually live in ElPaso after 62 yrs in Colorado. Very different places! The people here are genuinely kind and generous and immigration isn’t a simple issue. This city is very safe and i live only a block from the Wall. Truth is that 98% of these immigrants are young, healthy men and NOT families with children. Most are angry and destroy the areas they occupy, leave trash and human waste everywhere. They expect everything given to them and become agitated easily. I’ve worked with the homeless for 10 yrs. but these “immigrants” scare me to my core.

Be ready - the enemy has already infiltrated our nation. Keep our oil lamps full and our eyes on Jesus of Nazareth.