69% Of Christians Live In Fear, Do You?

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My brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, we have a problem. Fear. That’s right, fear has gripped the Christian faithful, even more than I imagined. In fact, 69% of U.S. Protestant pastors say, there is a growing sense of fear within their congregations about the future of our nation and world. Another 63% of these…


I’ve lived in fear most of my life. Every Sunday night I couldn’t sleep thinking about losing my job, and then losing my family. They call it ocd. I’ve gone to work countless sleepless days. I’ve suffered a lot to the point of almost giving up.
But I didn’t found God by then.
Seven or so years ago something happened and I began to search God, I began to love Him, to read The Bible and suddenly… The fear vanished. Nothing man made could do a thing for my fear, pills, psiquiatrist, etc, etc, etc. The Lord healed me, the fear was destroying my health, my life was unbearable. Without sleep, going to work, anxiety…
Man could not help me. God did. The Father rescued me, and now I have a beautiful family with four sons and daughters. (1+3).And a loving wife.
Only God, and only Him could save me. And I ought everything to Him.
So I have worries at times, but not fear. Thanks be to The Lord Jesus Christ, I have not fear anymore.
God bless you


ive had my own wrestling with fear in my long life. I survived, and even tho I’m a little highstrung and my mind still works at warp-speed, I know how to let go of all the various rabbit holes and scenarios my mind might take me down in that “flight or fight” chemical reactions when threats appear. And threats do and will appear in our lives…we can only imagine when those delivered up to the councils during a/c reign will be experiencing and they must know…“keep mouth shut” until that cloven tongue is released. Some of those, will surely be experienced in defeating fear and will have none of that.

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I don’t think those who will speak in the synagogues will have fear. I don’t think so. The Holy Spirit will burn within them

I told my mom about this post and I think it really helped her. I used to have fear of things to come but the last 7 yrs or so, it’s been wiped from my mind. I praise God for that. :sparkling_heart: And the most important part is that we spread this fearlessness to others.

It is interesting that Catholics were not broken out in this data.

Edited to add:
As I am studying tonight, I came across this verse. Psalm 112:7

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I think fear is one of the biggest tools Satan uses for his side. It distracts from the reality of what God has for us.
The ones who are not fearing the Lord, for a lack of a better term, are the ones who spread fear the most. They are playing right into Satan’s camp. If everything happened that the news media said is going to happen, the human race would not be here today.


Snowman, spot on. One of my favorites. ‘Experts’ warn that there is a ‘chance’ that Putin could ‘possibly’ launch a first first strike on the U.S Shut up!
Ever been to the fair on the midway and listen to the hawkers? See the 600 lb man eating chicken! 'The lizard man! he walks, he talks, and crawls on his belly like a reptile! The fair only comes once a year,. But we have the news to keep us entertained year round.

There used to be a bearded lady at the fair but now they are everywhere.


most excellent observation! :grimacing:

Guy in my Bible study class made this. Thought it was good for all the Evil we face.

Most of us fear losing our worldly goods. fear being poor. that is the majority of our fears.
for others it’s death. both are born out of lack of faith. pride, Ego. in short, foolishness.
I think most of us go thru that when we are young and foolish. The good thing is that you will grow out of it.


Tommy here.We are suppose to obey the word, God says fear not, so obey! Study because God said so. If you study and obey ,God will strenghten you, just like the firey furnace, lions den …etc etc…Hope all is well at the wards house,We are moving and that sucks but we are blessed going and coming.We keep you in our prayers as always thank you for sharing your hard word with us.


Happy to see you are joining in on the conversation! Hope to see you around more.

Also, prayers for a safe and quick move!


Mr. Tommy, great to hear from you, and I loved those words.

Apparently, moving has become a theme here! Another reader just did a big move. I hope you get it taken care of quickly and enjoy your new digs my friend. We send our blessings right back.

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I just moved and still can’t find things. I am pretty anal, marked boxes but not enough.


Dear brother Brando, thanks so much for this article. From point of view this fear is due to losing early joy and material. Most of the pastors live by what their congregations offer to them. Hence, with reduction of members in their congregations, global increase of unbelief in Christ and high satanic campaign, worries their future. However, "Fear not little flock… (Lk 12:32-34). Let us lift His BANNER without any dismay.