60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck

60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Yes, inflation is horrible, at the same time, do you see what people are buying?

For many, the American way is to live check to check. However, do you really need the latest phone, gadget or service?

Learn to save instead of spend.


I agree, Brandon. Most Americans are consumers of ‘stuff’ they don’t need. Coveting and keeping up with the Jones’ mentality while living above one’s means is why so many folks live paycheck to paycheck. I stopped doing this a long time ago and am proud and relieved to be debt free. It’s a blessing.


Fantastic Faith! :raised_hands:t3:

Years ago, we had a 0% loan on the wife’s car. Can’t beat that, but it was still a loan. We paid it off early and when the next month came. That was a blessing. It was that much money not leaving the house to pay for something.

You have to live debt free first before you really get it I think. It can take time if your wrapped up in it, but folks, just chip away, it’s so worth it as Faith said.

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So so SO true!! All of these people whining about the inflation and then you look at what they are buying. It’s such a sad mentality that they don’t understand what is important and what is not. This has been on of my biggest pet peeves for years. And it’s not just the tech…think about the manicures, clothing, home decor, etc. People need to just stop with all the vanity. Spend money on things that are useful. It’s really very simple! And don’t get me started on the cheap food people buy…

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It is a major blessing. Working hard, using Godly principles in your finances are a big pay back later in life. Some people even look down on those who sacrificed some of the finer things in life to set themselves up for retirement.

I never understood how many say they don’t have money but all the stores and restaurants are full. Just more debt. Saving isn’t encouraged. Waking up everyday to no debt is a freedom that is better than all the stuff owed on.