54% of Americans not buying climate change propaganda

This in from Pew…

This comes from the article, Why Some Americans Do Not See Urgency on Climate Change.

Good stuff.

All the globalists and their organizations want to talk about is the weather temperatures from very recent history. When it comes to the Medieval warm period or the Little Ice Age, they’re silent or the talk away the facts.

How quickly they all forget the last Ice Age ended 12,000 years ago. The glaciers have continually melted since that time, before I was roaming the land in my diesel.

Oh, here’s some quotes from the Pew article. They’re from skeptical Americans, I thought they were on point. The article is loaded with quotes from Americans on the issue.

“I just was watching old footage from 2009 of John Kerry and other senators. They stated by 2014, which is 10 years ago – [by] 2013, 2014 that there would not be one polar icecap left in the world. Well, that’s a lie and so I think that that’s been forced down our throat. … I mean, the American people over time have been lied to.” –Man, 50s, Southwest

“Any mainstream news organization, they’re going to have their bias … they all have their narrative that they’re pushing for their own, quote unquote, customer base where they can market to. I don’t necessarily trust anything that they post.” –Man, 30s, Coastal Florida

I think that [politicians] have said that they have those extreme views to get popularity or financial gain from such things. … Next year we have a presidential election. I think that is going to be one key speaking point…” –Man, 30s, South

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All a scam to raise taxes get more control and push fear. They want you to fully rely on them the government. Seems to me evil spirts in satan army are behind all governments. We need to rely on God not any government.

Amen! I bet the 54% are all over fifty years old.