500,000 pounds of earth are minded for just one EV battery

Most people still don’t understand, electric cars are bad for the environment. It takes mountains to produce enough material for these batteries. Then you have to process those minerals which are bad for the environment.

Look at this…

…a typical EV battery weighs one thousand pounds. It contains 25 pounds of lithium, 60 pounds of nickel, 44 pounds of manganese, 30 pounds cobalt, 200 pounds of copper, and 400 pounds of aluminium, steel, and plastic. Inside are over 6,000 individual lithium-ion cells.

It should concern you that all those toxic components come from mining. For instance, to manufacture each EV auto battery, you must process 25,000 pounds of brine for the lithium, 30,000 pounds of ore for the cobalt, 5,000 pounds of ore for the nickel, and 25,000 pounds of ore for copper. All told, you dig up 500,000 pounds of the earth’s crust for just one battery. - Is it ethical to purchase a lithium battery powered EV? - CFACT

Here’s an example of what a lithium field looks like, and what they do to the environment.

We talked about some of this in the past, along with more pictures of lithium mines.

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Another little dirty secret about green energy. Wind turbines. those 100’ long blades don’t last very long and can only be refurbished once. After that they are cut into three pieces and buried by the thousands in huge trenches dug into the earth by bull dozers. how many of those trenches will exist in just 50 years? How long till they decompose? Each turbine uses approximately 2500 gallons of lubricants and fluids and is changed regularly. Dependable source of energy? Not hardly! Like they say, 'ain’t nothin free

I wish I saved the link to a story I read a while back.
It was about windmills powered by diesel generators.

Okay, diesel powered wind energy. :crazy_face:

After they crap out, they could be used for a clothesline, be like a go green clothes dryer.