47% Of Christians Say, We Are Living In The End Times

Full article at: 47% Of Christians Say, We Are Living In The End Times | World Events and the Bible

It seems certain, we are living in the end times as foretold in Scripture. Yet, how certain is the typical Christian, and for that matter, Americans in general? Before we provide those answers, let’s look at what we are facing. America and our world has grown darker for generations now. As a people, spiritual decay…


Wonderful post, i especially like the line about God getting up, having a cup of coffee, eating breakfast and reading world events and the bible.


So, what do we think, regular of decaf? :coffee:

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REGULAR for sure, decaf is done with chemicals. what do you think about breakfast? what do you think he is eating for breakfast?


I would say for the sweet savor, prime cut of beef steak, then free rein fresh eggs, and slightly browned sliced tarter home fries with onions.

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The question is: how near? Hahaha I suppose everybody wanna know. But only The Father knows it. Not even our Lord Jesus Christ.

Old fashion oatmeal.
The breakfast of champions


Yes, on a rainy or cold day with brown sugar, walnut crumbs and yellow raisins.

@Cozar, I don’t know how you did it, but you just managed to rope in another oatmeal man!

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Chicken and Waffles with coffee (black) !!! :waffle: :coffee: :grin: Had to edit my comment, thats a whole lot sugar for the Lord…

one ripe banana mashed
handful of chopped walnuts
spoonful of homemade nut butter. NOTE MUST BE HOMEMADE
dab of butter from grass fed cows
pinch of raw unfiltered honey
mix it all together it looks like snot but boy is it good :smiley:

I tried that recipe with canned pumpkin I mentioned to you before.
Don’t bother, it was disgusting.

Hope you don’t mind this post should I start an Oatmeal thread? :rofl:

Brandon, I had to update this
to make this oatmeal breakfast complete must have two strips of bacon.


Ohh my goodness. It was my fault for talking about the Lord’s breakfast. :joy: Further oatmeal commentary, recipes, and tips can be placed in an oatmeal thread. Perhaps the Lord Himself will chime in. :grin: This could get good!

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Your brand of oatmeal would give me the squirts.

He’s on an " intermittently fasting" diet and will skip breakfast; his first meal is in another 166 years (lunch time).

would that be 100% grassfed beef?

I’m sorry, but good old fashioned steel cut oatmeal HAS TO BE EATEN WITH GRASSFED BUTTER! And lots of it…you can add all the other things you want, but you keed that butter! :yum: I prefer mine with just a bit of maple syrup and some fresh cream or milk. (And of course butter…)

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Oh my gosh…I have to tell you. The last grassfed cow we ordered we changed our cutting instructions to skip the short ribs and get beef bacon. I’ll tell ya, that was the best beef bacon I have ever had!!

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As you may remember I don’t really like polls, but you have convinced me that they are still interesting. BUT, I really loved this post! Especially the math you did regarding God’s 2 hours being equal to 83 of man’s years. And I believe you are correct, the numbers match up to older Chistians. I’m “older”, but I still hope that He returns before I leave this earth. Not too sure that that will happen, but I can hope anyway.

Okay, now we can get back to talking about breakfast. Although, I’m not a breakfast eater…I intermittent fast, but I eat my steel cut oats for dessert :yum:!

I have to admit I never heard that term before and had to look it up.

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