43% of Americans have a news addiction affecting their health

43% of Americans have a problematic news addiction that affects their physical and mental health. Why let people in the news you’ll never meet, that don’t care about you, affect your health?

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I thank God for opening our eyes to realize this. We have not watched mainstream news for close to 2 yrs now. How refreshing that is!! BUT, the real eye opener is when you have been away from it for so long and then see it. It’s ridiculous. You see so much more and how their “programming” actually works. You hear their catch phrases to draw the listener in, the images that get permeated into your mind and the out right lies. You hear the bickering like children going back and forth…and then you try to figure out how people are still watching it. Then you remember that you were one of those people!

Out of the mouth of babes…Our son would tell us that he is sick of hearing news on the TV…like programmed little people, we answer him and say we need to keep an eye on what’s going on in the world. FALSE! We don’t need to have that crap on 24/7. Our teenage son was right! We now read headlines (occasionally reading the article) and watch a few news channels on Rumble.

Always pray for spiritual discernment when watching any news or reading articles or talking with people. You will soon realize that it’s all a show - their “news” is how they form the realities they want you to live in.


I stopped watching Fox News at the end of the last fiasco we or they call an election. I switched to Newsmax. After a year or so of that, being a part of WEB, and realizing both sides are frauds, I quit watching.

There is no reason to let anyone or anything take up, cloud, or manipulate ones way of thinking. The Word and prayer should take care of that!


That’s the same time we quit watching Fox. Then went to Newsmax and ended that…then went to Real America’s Voice and ended that. And honestly, the only truth we have is in the Word. All we can do is be watchmen and use discernment when doing so.
And I agree 100% - both sides are frauds.


That’s where I am, be a watchman. I think that’s our real calling.


I quit watching a while ago too. I tuned in one time for giggles, and it was like a soap opera you stopped watching for a while and then tuned in. Nothing moved on.

This person is still sleeping with that person, he still hates you know who, the world is dying, our future is over, but stay tuned for the 30 second heartwarming story at the end to take you away from all the negative stuff.

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yes yes YES!! Exactly what it is.

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