40% of millennials need parents help with bills

Can you believe this?

40% of parents are paying at least one monthly bill for their millennial children.

Here’s the breakdown…

Parents cover % of millennial children’s bills:

  • 24% rent
  • 17% mortgage
  • 22% groceries
  • 19% utility bills
  • 18% auto insurance
  • 16% car payments
  • 12% streaming service

What happens to the days when you cut back if you didn’t have the funds? What happened to the days when people saved up to purchase a car? Turned down the air conditioner/heater and so on?

With each generation, that much more accountability is lost.

The key here is enabler. Wants, needs and desires are all the same to them.

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When I turned 16 many centuries ago, first thing my dad said was
Son get job.

Amen! Enabling your spoiled brat to continue living in a dream world is for ‘your’ benefit. somehow it eases your guilt for not being a truly loving parent. Look what all I’ve done for you!
Yep, but the fact is you never loved them enough to discipline them, to teach them good moral character, acceptable social skills, good manners, or lead them in the truth of the word of GOD. Had you not failed them they would have found their way. If you have a child that has no respect for you or anyone else, look no further for the cause than in the mirror. A 50 cent bologna sandwich paid for out of my own pocket is so much more delightful than an extravagant meal offered out of pity or insincere kindness. Not because of foolish pride, but because of the bitter taste of defeat and failure. Keep in mind that I’m referring to those who are physically and mentally capable of taking care of themselves, had they been trained for it by their parents or our society. Life is hard and then we die. It’s how we walked through life that counts. Courageous, God fearing, honorable, sincere, compassionate, fair, charitable,
humble, but bold as a lion when called for. Or a sniveling coward, greedy, self centered, wicked, stand for nothing, go where the wind blows you. good for nothing? I’m not the man I want to be, but the right thing to do is keep trying.