3 million year old stone tool?

Thems right there are stone tools from 3 million years ago… :crazy_face:

The artefacts, found at a site in Kenya, are thought to be the oldest known example of a specific set of stone tools used for butchery and pounding plant material. The emergence of the so-called Oldowan toolkit is viewed as a milestone in human evolution and was assumed to be an innovation of our ancestors.

A few years back, I spent a lot of time researching history of early man. Prior to this find I want to say the oldest stone tool dated 50-60k years old. It was nothing more than a river rock like these. The oldest cave painting is ~30k years old depending on who tells the story. Those story details are key by the way.

The moral of the story, as you can see, evolutionists live by faith as well.

That’s crazy, anyone can see that the center stone is more likely a petrified alien head.
the eyes, nose, mouth and chin clearly visible on both sides of the head leaves no doubt in my mind that it is the head of a comandgo alien who visited the earth 583 million , 462 thousand, 321 and a 1/2 yrs ago.

I do agree that the evolutionist do live by faith also!