25% of all children in the U.S. are Latino

Slightly shocking, right?

Get this…

Researchers found that 25.7% (18.8 million) of all U.S. children under 18 were of Latino origin in 2020, up from 23.1% (17.1 million) in 2010.

So back in 2010, 23.1% of children were Latino. This clearly shows us, immigration is out of control, it’s been out of control, and no one has tried to stop it.

America is disappearing.

Seeing even more new faces and combinations of I do not even know any more what race is what because of all the blending of different races. But I know they are not speaking English. I cannot word myself to go very further on this subject cause its very frustrating. Like even just the way I worded that prior sentence could come off in a very offensive to someone which is not the intent, but there is no true red white and blue freedom, unity, and equality for all here.

People are avoiding having children for many reasons. One of them are all of the legal dangers of having children. California just added another. ignoring your child’s wishes to be a different gender is criminal child abuse.

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