1 In 10 LGBTQ Attempt Suicide Thanks To Parents And Church Acceptance

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What has happened to our world? Society has completely changed, society has completely collapsed. The Hill reports 1 in 10 LGBTQ youth attempted suicide in the last year. That doesn’t mean 1 in 10 thought about it, that means 1 in 10 kids actually tried to murder themselves. Can you believe that or even comprehend…

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Amen! not very popular but absolute truth. Cowards wont speak the truth, 'so I thank you Brandon. Everything you said is the gospel truth.

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AMEN!! The sad thing is what church nowadays doesn’t celebrate pagan and Christmas or any other holidays. The church I attend just had an easter egg hunt in which I didn’t participate; nonetheless they preach about a rapture. I backslid and now making my way back to Jesus but all the while I kept reading God’s word to know that holidays aren’t part of being a Christian. It be nice if I found a church that taught the word of God scripture by scripture and not to celebrate holidays but I haven’t found one. Teaching our children is the responsibility of the parents from birth to the time they leave the home; you don’t see that anymore! Thank you for your post.


Brandon I whole heartedly agree with everything you said. What I don’t like is how some…not all…Christians treat people that are gay and shame them which makes things even worse. I work with an older lady and one of the girls was talking to me about her son and how he’s gay and she told him the truth about how God feels about it but then the old lady just popped out of her seat forcefully included herself in our conversation and said “oh he’s going to hell”!! I almost fell out of my dang chair because that’s not how a true Christian bring someone to Christ. The girl literally walked away crying and I felt so bad for her, I followed her to apologize on the old lady’s behalf. I felt as if she did what God needed her to do and that’s let her son know it’s wrong in the eyes of God and leave it at that. Am I wrong?

Excellent article. If your son or daughter is homosexual, you can’t act as if everything is ok - because it’s not. If your son or daughter is a gambler, you can’t act as if everything is ok - because it’s not. You’re not here to please and appease the world. Besides, if you have the Spirit of God, He will do what is needed through you - you won’t have to make a choice about correcting someone. Just the Presence of a rightful parent can correct many evils.


I think you really needed to get that off your chest @brandon ! :joy: And goid for you that tou did AND post it! I believe everything you said all of us can agree with. Have to admit, as I read it, in my mind I was shouting as I read. You were spot on!!!

On the downside, I don’t think things will ever get better until Christ returns. BUT…to change perspective, we could say “on the brightside” as we know we are getting closer to meeting our Lord and Savior face to face!


Wow…just wow. I’m so glad you were able to console her. Reading that really made my heart hurt. :pensive:

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Quote: If you have real faith in God and the Bible, it means you live according to the Book!
Live according to the Book or you’re just a fake phony.

Most of those Christians I knew were fake phonies. They really just wanted to get along to go along. Hey, no one said you had to hate anyone or cause a ruckus. However, God expected you to stand for Him, not crumble before the ways of the world…

If more people spoke out like Brandon, things could be different. The road might become narrower but the rocks on it will be less. Family and friendship are given higher priority’s than what the Bible says.

Luke 12:51-53. What does this really mean?

My opinion, if someone in your family chooses to be gay, you don’t encourage the behavior, break bread together at holidays etc. because it is family. God’s family comes first. The truth should be shared and let the chips fall where they may, but not in the way that Anitra witnessed.

Everyday our situations make us choose a side we are going to stand on. Some little, some big. If a brother of sister sin against us, they need to be rebuked. If the rebuke causes the friendship to crumble, then so be it. The friendship was phony to start with. If others around choose to circle the wagons around the sinner and shun the rebuker for fear of losing a friendship, then they are phony also. It is easy to captain a ship when the seas are calm but when the storm comes, that separates the ones who have dedicated themselves to the true stewardship.

Oh Kay! My heart hurt as well when it happened. Just sad