Ukraine-Russia War Updates

Since this war continues to drag on, I’ll start placing updates here.

You can too, if you’d like to share a link or interesting update. It might be easier to have a one-stop shop and reference point, rather than filling the community with hordes of posts on the same subject.

You can also find updates by viewing the tag: russia or war. Those tags will also include studies and other articles from the blog on these topics as well.

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Support for Ukraine is waning around the world…

So much so, Biden and friends are thinking about stealing $300 billion in Russian assets and using the funds to support Ukraine. War is dirty business, but someone’s making a fortune off all these bullets and bombs.

I was interested to see how many poor souls have died in the war so far. I’m speaking of military personal. No matter how I searched, it was near impossible to find the death toll for Ukraine, but the death toll for Russia was in ever nook and cranny.

No propaganda, right?

So here’s what I found…

  • Russia: 315,000 dead and injured troops - Reuters
  • Ukraine: 383,000 dead and injured troops - Tass


Both estimates came from December of 2023.

Uhhh ohhh…

At this juncture, it’s hard to see Ukraine winning. Despite the propaganda that’s said the exact opposite for two years now. Besides, rumor on the street says, Putin figured it was a 5 year war.

Never the less, the U.S. just shelled out another $250 mil for Ukraine, but our border remains open. :cry:

It seems like every time I’ve seen Zelensky the past two years, he’s in Washington with his hands out begging for money. It’s kind of sad watching him grovel.

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I hardly recognize our government anymore!

I found this interview very interesting.

It removes any doubt about who’s behind the corruption in Ukraine— and elsewhere. Andrii Derkach has the evidence and because of it they have tried to assassinate him.

The full interview with Andrii Derkach, the Ukrainian parliamentarian who exposed Biden’s family corruption in Ukraine

Zelensky’s desperation is really showing, I’m sure Mr. Trump is cracking a grin.

“Donald Trump, I invite you to Ukraine, to Kyiv. If you can stop the war during 24 hours, I think it will be enough to come,” Zelenskyy said.

Most of the world missed this as a major cause for the war to begin with. For eight years, Ukraine attacked the eastern portion of their own nation. It continues even as it’s not under Russian control.

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Lavrov blasts ‘absurd’ claims that Russia will attack NATO

Back in December, Biden said after Ukraine, Russia will take on NATO. Of course, this is hogwash. In reality, it’s NATO that is challenging Russia. It is NATO that placed itself on the footsteps of Russia, not the other way around.

The EU agrees to support more death and destruction to the tune of $54 billion tax payer dollars.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just play together and BBQ when we’re done?

Okay…we really need a “ticked off” emoji!!

I hate all the propaganda involved.

This from a U.S. Senator:

“In the next front against Russia, it will be Americans on the front lines. We are best off investing in Ukrainians,” Coons said.

I wonder what I would find if I pulled public information on this chap… Might he be invested in military contractors or some other vested interest? If Americans were to go, how about him first…

You are 100% correct! This is just sick and evil on their part. You know darn well they have vested interests…they ALL DO!

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Be afraid, be very afraid!

On a serious note…

Aren’t you glad you’re a Christian?

I mean really…

We have the comfort in knowing God’s Word is going to come to pass, just the way it’s penned in the Book. We don’t walk around in fear, we walk around with a smile on our face and everyone notices. :+1:t3:

I’m more concerned with the locust army crossing our borders.

But hey, the story takes the focus off the genocide in Israel. :innocent: