ticks bites and side effects

Thank you Brandon! Yeah if I do anything referencing your photos I will share with you. I am still learning so I haven’t mastered how to use all the right images sizes while creating an art piece and or how to best share the art piece without it looking overly pixelated.
I enjoyed drawing by hand most my life when had time. I really enjoyed creating abstract designs of peoples names, like I would connect the letters of the name in a maze like form. When I tried painting I gravitated to nature scenery, got little obsessed with mountains and waterfalls. Made some giraffes and a cobra as gifts years ago with my first experience with oil painting. I had a zazzle store for a little while but had no clue what I was doing, made tons of my own designs. Now Zazzle has commercials. It was like a whole year went by before I noticed an email that indicated that I sold a pillow within my first two months, would’ve loved to know how the quality of the print was for that person’s pillow. The pillow was like so expensive, and I couldn’t even get the $15. I made off of it because of their rule with needing it to be a certain amount earned to start being able to get paid. 364 Products with my designs, long story short, discouraging. Sorry for the ramble.


Good info, can you share the symptoms lyme you experienced

You know, I truly believe that Lyme can lay dormant in our bodies. Lyme is so sneaky that you can get tested and it doesn’t show up. This is my theory - the only time that Lyme will rear it’s ugly head in your body is when your immune system not up to par. Lyme symptoms tend to show back up when someone takes antibiotics for something unrelated to Lyme. That’s my opinion of course…and that’s how I manage it. Again, Japanese Knotweed is my go to when symptoms appear. You know what’s really bad - I rarely get concerned over ticks anymore. I figure I already have Lyme and I’ll just manage it if I need to.

Ain’t that the truth!! :rofl: :joy: :rofl: I’ve never been to Alaska, but in Canada they were fierce.

Well…I’m gonna be honest here. When the mosquitoes are bad and I have to be outside - I use those nasty chemicals, but try to avoid deet. If I were to go back to Canada fishing…I would be using deet, but doubtful we would ever be going back up there. One thing I do is try to minimize the amount that is sprayed on my skin. And whether or not I do spray it directly on my skin, I shower up really well with a good detox type soap. (I like the charcoal and/or the clay type soaps)

I have a recipe for bug repellant that works pretty good, but it’s not handy at the moment. I will post it later. :slight_smile: If I forget…remind me!

Lightheaded, stiff neck, extreme fatigue, brain fog to the point where I couldn’t remember the names of family members, and very painful joints. At one point I thought I would no longer be able to work, but fortunately I was self-employed so I could work at my own pace.

I think you are right about it lying dormant and popping up when your immune system is compromised. The Lyme test was next to worthless when I had them, totally untrustworthy. I’ll check out Japanese Knotweed,


That’s the thing, right?

Whatever we had, and or get, we only spray it on our clothing. Actually, in Alaska, I was spraying it on my hair. :smile:

Okay…I have to tell you. I have not seen a woodtick in years…only deer ticks. Then on Saturday driving back from a long, hot day of railfanning, what do I see crawling on my arm!!! A stupid woodtick! The funny thing is, I had felt something crawling on my upper back and then towards the front of chest. I thought to myself that I had better not look bc there was lots of traffic at the time and if it was a big spider I didnt want to cause an accident. Just as I was speeding up after a stop sign I see this darn tick crawling down my arm! I quickly pulled over and tossed it out the window! :rofl: Thank you Lord for making me use common sense!


I contracted Lyme and a mycotoxin from tick bite or some other insect bite 2 years ago. Check out Dr. Bill Rawls for herbal treatment information. He and S. Buhner’s info and others have helped me very very much, by God’s grace.


Yes! Dr. Bruhner’s books truly helped me put a protocol together. And I almost did Dr. Rawls protocols, but I was too cheap to do it. It wasnt easy working thru all those herbs, but alas, I got relief! I know God was guiding me thru all of that. (Heck, I look back at my notes from back them and I can’t make heads or tails out of them…my brain fog was awful!)

And praise the Lord that you also got relief! God is so very good at directing us to find natural ways to treat illnesses.

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