The mainstream begins to question COVID vaccines

Here’s another monster piece from the Wall Street Journal.

The New England Journal of Medicine

Bivalent Covid-19 Vaccines — A Cautionary Tale

Essentially, boosters should be reserved for people who need protection. Meanwhile, this doc recommends we should stop boosting healthy young folks. That’s always been the recommendation of doctors until the pandemic.

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MIT Professor says enough is enough of the vaccine.

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Call me crazy, but maybe, just maybe COVID concoctions are a bad idea…

Merck & Co.’s Covid-19 pill is giving rise to new mutations of the virus in some patients, according to a study that underscores the risk of trying to intentionally alter the pathogen’s genetic code. -

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Pfizer has a new commercial right now pushing for alternate Covid meds. At least that is how I thought it came across. They really don’t say it, but the narrative is there.

We knew it all along, but study after study confirms… Masks were always a big joke.

Source: Cochrane Library


Mask up and save lives :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think that headline is hilarious. while the mainstream is just now catching on to what the common working man [and woman] has known from day one.

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The U.S. gives the nod to the lab leak theory…

Mask mandates did nothing. The NY Times is citing the Cochrane Library study linked above.

I love how brave everyone is now, to openly tell the truth. It sure would have been nice had they done that, ohh two years ago when we were getting ridiculed for it.

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I’m not going to hold my breath for an apology for all the names, evil looks etc.

People here, still ride in their cars alone wearing a mask.
Hammer Head

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Victory, though a couple of years late.

When these things happen after the fact, it’s a shame the parties who pushed the illegalities are not locked in the slammer and the keys are thrown away. Just imagine, we’d have a lot less turkeys to deal with.


So all the vaccine stuff continues to fade. Healthy kids no longer need vaccination as everyone has either been vaxxed or contracted COVID. If I got it, I never knew it.

Per the World Health Organization:

“Updated to reflect that much of the population is either vaccinated or previously infected with COVID-19, or both, the revised roadmap reemphasizes the importance of vaccinating those still at-risk of severe disease, mostly older adults and those with underlying conditions, including with additional boosters,” stated SAGE Chair Dr Hanna Nohynek. “Countries should consider their specific context in deciding whether to continue vaccinating low risk groups, like healthy children and adolescents, while not compromising the routine vaccines that are so crucial for the health and well-being of this age group.”

  1. The high priority group includes older adults; younger adults with significant comorbidities (e.g. diabetes and heart disease); people with immunocompromising conditions (e.g. people living with HIV and transplant recipients), including children aged 6 months and older; pregnant persons; and frontline health workers.
  2. The medium priority group includes healthy adults – usually under the age of 50-60 – without comorbidities and children and adolescents with comorbidities.
  3. The low priority group includes healthy children and adolescents aged 6 months to 17 years.

They are just in preseason trial run seeing how many will go along with the beast system. They gotta condition more minds so satan can get more souls when the 6 trump hits.

This is why you never participate in experiments, as they are just that, experimental with unknown side effects. 19 millions Americans were told by professionals this was the right thing to do. Now that time has passed, these same people are learning, that perhaps it was not the right thing to do.

Sad stuff.

Why isn’t this guy in jail?

Snake Oil Salesman

Yup very true about the experimental stuff. I got 6 anthrax shots in me that i never knew were experimental. I try and live healthy and eat healthy and pray for the best lol

It still boggles my mind how so many people didn’t see thru this charade. I truly feel this was a way to test the American people…and the world…just how far they could push them. We as a people failed, but to “them” it gives them more optimism than ever before!