So It Turns Out COVID Was A Farce & The Lab Leak Theory

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From the very onset on the COVID pandemic, I knew it was a farce. I recall telling readers about my can of Lysol and the sign we plastered on our truck. Yet, in those early days of the pandemic, I caught quite a bit of heat from readers for saying COVID was being hyped. It…


Covid was just one of the many ways they are moving towards globalism. The medical industry alone has many fingers pushing their agenda.

I believe the whole covid scam was another test to see just how many people would follow along and how many would use their God given common sense. Except covid was a worldwide test, not like the smaller mind control/human behavior tests done at universities back in the 60’s and 70’s. But even in those studies…there were the typical 30 to 33% that would up and leave and not fall into their control.

Now if people could just see all the other avenues satan is using to get to his goal. It’s all around us.

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Excellent article! Thank you, you gave tough love to your readers through this and I am sure it wasn’t easy, but you plowed through and never got off course or strayed from the truth! :heart:

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Covid Amnesty??

Tar and feathers and pitchforks are more like it.

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I think the mRNA is sort of a bioweapon. Lots of young people are dying from myocarditis which is one of the side effects of the mRNA.


Agree - I know people young and old that have passed on and also that have permanent damage from that shot. My gut says it’s not only the control/behavior test, but also their way to test and further test via boosters how to change our God given DNA. Of course, there is no way of knowing WHAT exactly they are doing - but we do know their end game.

One thing that people need to realize - all the doctors and scientists are in this mess, but their not all “in on it”. So much deception on every level. Hard to fathom.

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The other day it was the energy department, now it’s the FBI.

i used the term bio-“hazard”, rather than weapon. Still not sure that is the case (as in an amped up/modified substance), as we know they do this simply looking at GMO.

So far this hypothesis of JJ Couey makes Alot of sense to me and answers Alot of questions.