Show us your fur babies!

I feed the squirrels in my back yard every morning.
Raw peanuts in the shell.
They sit at the back door waiting for me if I am late.


That’s so funny. This squirrel was an orphan that I raised and released in our backyard. She won’t leave. She built a nest on top of our deck and I felt bad so i bought her a condo (for squirrels). But she won’t eat peanuts - with or without shells. Nutty!!!


Maybe she wants “salted” peanuts. :laughing:

Or, she is picky and wants cashews. :laughing:


My dogs would go crazy if I had a squirrel, always wanted one.

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These are my girls. Tinker and Pixie


Oh my goodness, they are so adorable.


@Edna and @Martha gave the pooches a boost! Even a squirrel, how cool is that?

  • 8 cats
  • 6 dogs
  • 2 feather babies
  • 1 squirrel

Cats are still out front, if @Kay drops those cat pictures it might seal the deal. :smile:

Thanks for participating everyone it’s been fun.


Release the hounds!!!


I promise tomorrow! 4 more kitties to the mix soon!

Edited to say…I shouldn’t have promised. But I will post them soon!

Edited again - what is the definition of soon?

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My Nala and Meadow :heart:


Cute pics of pets! Thought I’d help even the score for dogs :dog: :dog:

That was a few years ago!


Okay…finally found some pics to share.

Lucky - First this is Lucky - she passed a few years ago but she was our protector cat. Literally would not allow anyone in the house to feed her when we were on vacation. Neighbor lady tracked down my sister finally to try to get into the house. My dear sister had to wear her farm boots to come in so she didn’t end up bloody! Needless to say, she was the only cat we had at the time.
Lucky (2)

Gracie - After she died, we got Gracie. And adorable kitten…that turned out to be a very grouchy girl! We got her from my sister’s farm.

Mitzy - A little while later, a stray cat shows up. A very young kitten. My husband heard something meowing outside and there sat this little sweetheart right on top of Lucky’s grave. Took me over a month to gain her trust. But we had to take her in bc she looked just like Lucky!

Butterscotch - Next thing you know, my sister-in-law decides she can’t have the cat she got from my sisters farm - which is Gracie’s sister. Silly me, I agreed to take her in. (We now have 3 cats in the house.)

Buddy - Then this one shows up in the dead of winter outside. BIG male cat and skittish! Built a hut for him on the deck with a heating pad inside. 2 yrs later he finally allows us to pet him and comes into the house. I swore I wasn’t going to allow any more cats. He truly is the most docile and funny cat!

So I guess, this should really count as 3 cats and not 4…

And @brandon or @Maggie - I’m still having a hard time figuring out how you can live in an RV and still have a cat! LOL


Thanks for sharing those fur babies! You just vaulted cat kind into a commanding lead. @sNOwflakes you need to go get some more puppies now!

By the way, Panther in the RV is easy! She actually chills on the stairs. People walk by and say, how did you train your cat to do that? She just stays there? I say, she wanders around, but she never leaves the campsite.

People are baffled.

Little do they know, Panther taught herself a lesson when we first started out. When we lived at home, she never stayed out late, she came home. Well, on the Freedom Tour (RV adventure) she got lost for five days when we first started out!

We prayed so hard for her, I told the Lord, no one has to know, you can bring her to us. Man we all love our fur babies, don’t we? Five days passed, and I started to think she might be gone. Then, that night I’m working on the blog. I hear something on the RV steps behind me. I thought, please Lord. Sure enough, Panther found her way home!

We flipped our lids!

The night she was out playing, there was a big storm, I think she lost her tracks back for a bit. It scared her though, and she learned to never wander off.

The Scoreboard

  • 14 cats
  • 8 dogs
  • 2 feather babies
  • 1 squirrel

That is amazing that she came back!! AND learned her lesson too! I would have been a wreck. Gracie ended up missing for close to month once…and after that is when I think she turned grouchy. She was never the same after that, so I think something must have happened to her.

I am not very tech savvy. I tried to open links but I have failed.

Everybody’s family of pets are so gorgeous and just wanna hug them all!

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Oh man…sorry you couldn’t get your pictures to load! :frowning:

I’m late! Just saw the post.

Here’s Bentley (left) and Baxter taking an afternoon siesta - their specialty!