Prayers for those in Hurricane Ian’s path

All of Cuba is without power, Hurricane Ian is making its way to Florida. They say 2.3 million people have been evacuated.

I know we have readers out that way. Heavenly Father, we ask that you protect our brothers and sisters in Christ, in Jesus name, amen. Folks, no material possessions are worth staying in the way for. Get out of the way of that storm. Be safe!

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I am here in Florida with this hurricane, and I know it’s serious to ensure everyone’s safe, but these things will take a toll mentally on you. I believe YHVH has done an excellent job holding this storm back thus far, as I know there will be damage and loss of life, and we always have to remember it could be worse than what it is. I live in the lower middle southern part of the state, right under Lake Okeechobee. I am very blessed and thankful, and looking forward to tomorrow in remembrance of Jesus’s birthday, which is my peace of mind and rest. We have power outages here, downed trees, but are definitely blessed in this area for no flooding or loss of life. It’s very tough to know I have some comforts and my loved ones are safe, but those living in the direct hit areas on the coast lost a lot. I live 80 miles from Ft Myers beach, and we were getting ~ 70 mph gusts here, and at my son’s house he got up to 110 mph gusts in LaBelle, and Cape Coral got 140 mph gusts. Our saving grace was the lack of moisture in the area where I live. I took my vacation at this time of the storm (Thursday and Friday), and my birthday was Saturday, and I sure didn’t plan this for the storm. I spent time on Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday with my wife who has done nothing but work (Hope Hospice) before, during, and after the storm, and man was that some insight. To hear about all the workers who lost their houses, living in deplorable conditions, and all sort of issues, but still showing up for work to ensure those in need were helped, really shows you the heart of the matter.
I will take this away with me from this storm, the heart that cares for those in need. I pray the LORD would give me such a heart, and it’s something to see his work through the people, and I could never write it down to see such compassion, but I thank the LORD for my wife as she walks the walk, and doesn’t worry about the talk. Others who are giving it their all is the line men working through night and day to get the power back on for people, and I know there are many others out there doing work to help others, and than YHVH for them. I did come back to edit this, to add about after the storm, and to write about what was amazing to see (those helping others in despite of their hardships). I lived here in Clewiston, FL back when Andrew hit, and lost our house when Wilma hit in 2005, and Irma made me want to move out of Florida as I lost my roof, and required a lot of work to fix my house back, and now Ian hit, and I lucked out for no real damage, but gained a million to see it is all about helping others despite your hardship. My buddy who lives in Sebring, Florida was texting me right before Ian was about to hit his area, and he said to me I am going to get some rest now, and wished me the best. I thought how are you going to get rest with all this going on. He told me two days later that it was in YHVH’s hands and that he laid down and thought of Jesus sleeping in the boat, and he visioned he was in the boat next to him sleeping, and not worried about the storm, Matt 8:25-26. After he said this I had a realization about what this truly means, amen.


i have friends that live in florida, i called yesterday to see how they were doing. they were not in the evacuation zone, but because the storm moved a different way a couple of times and just didn’t want to take the chance they went to georgia . i pray that everyone will make it okay and that the Lord protects you.


Wow - amazing words!! I have to say, that friend you spoke with before Ian hit and how he was able to rest - THAT is what it’s all about! I was out of town (UP of Michigan) when all of this was happening and haven’t been on this site much. Finally getting back in the groove of things.

This hurricane along with all the other things going on in the world really got me to thinking about how people react in times of trouble. Many react negatively and forget about God’s saving grace. I look at it this way - the troubles we all go through - that’s practice for us, practice for the end times.

Your wife is a true blessing to so many. There are a lot of good people out there - unfortunately, the media focuses on the negative people and that’s what everyone sees. God bless and thankful that you and your family are safe.