Parents, You’re Failing Your Kids. Stop Doing This!

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Today’s topic really opens up a can of worms… I have a bunch to discuss, but first, let me lay the groundwork for this one… There’s a nationwide coalition of parents pushing back against Big Tech. In fact, these parents come from both sides of the isle, the Red and Blue side. To the best…

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Part of the problem is that kids today are groomed and told they are all winners when they are not. (Everyone has their own talents) The whole group are given trophies. When the group disperses, the cliques go back to what they were. Cliques are everywhere, even the church.

Once they are not accepted in the clique they desire, they change behavior to fit in and experience another failure which leads to total devastation. (Remember, Fakebook success requires the most likes)

Kids need to be groomed and their talents nurtured to their fullest potential. Individualism has gone away and replaced with inclusiveness.

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Your article is right on the nose. I don’t participate or associate with social media of any kind. And believe me I get an ear full from outside family. Home doesn’t use social media at all thankfully

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I just happened to receive this link from my daughter on the same day as this article.
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