Kusher’s role in the COVID lockdowns comes to light

Kusher’s role in the COVID lockdowns comes to light, by his own admission. How quickly we have forgotten the unprecedented event that gripped our nation and world.

No one demands accountability, instead we have been distracted by the latest fiasco.

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No surprise to me. Although my gut tells me that Trump, from the start, knew what he was doing.


I think this sums up my view of everything going on…

"All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts."

By William Shakespeare.

Of course I always use the better quote. " There is nothing new under the sun".

The way I see it…

God uses all for his will. But is Always his will… Keep strong and Always trust in the Lord…


Agree 100%!! It truly is “their” reality that they want people to live in. Lucky for us, there are many waking up to their games!


It’s the certain Jews who want us Gone. The white race is under attack. FACT.


Salty, welcome and thanks for joining us.

You know, it’s probably better said the white race is destroying itself. That actually ties right into the population decline article I wrote the other day.

When we look at our globalized world, we find whites leading that revolution of “diversity,” “unity,” and “inclusion”. Then, whites on the left and right pit us against each other. They have no problem destroying our nation for their own benefit. Unfortunately, it’s always been that way.

This is what happens when we remove God from our nation. We are reaping those rewards. Yes, we have to take accountability for our own actions, no passing the buck. How it reminds me of the ancient Israelites who always turned from God, and for that, they were always punished, and finally vanquished from being a nation.

All due to, their own actions. Nehemiah 9 provides a great summary.

This same concept can be applied to Judgement Day. Satan may have dangled a carrot in front of you, but you didn’t have to eat it. We are all accountable for our own actions. Blaming others just means we don’t take accountability.


I expected no understanding of my statement. “Those who say they are Jews and are not. ; but are of the synogogue of Satan”. I now see clearly who and what this is referring to and Christians don’t see it. That sect of evil rules the running of our entire world in the name of satan. I Finally figured it out with lots of reading,research, and picture proof. thank God in the name of His son, Jesus I know what’s to come. I don’t care to debate but respect your response. thanks. We’ll all find out what is and isn’t real soon enough.

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Ohh, I knew where you were going salty.

What I said still stands. However, Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 does not concern genealogy. The synagogue of Satan were the religious Judeans of the synagogue. Descendants of Abraham as Christ said Himself, (John 8:37, 56).


It’s not the whites, it’s the woman.

The woman, the life giver! Man (seed) woman (fruit)… The World has decided that “anyone” can be a woman. This is not so…we (male and female) were both lovingly crafted in our Father’s hands, from…??? What?

The “dirt” (aka Mother Earth) is probably what your “Bible” says… that is what Satan thinks of the woman. We are everything he hates. Love and life.

You’re told that Revelation is “up to interpretation”, but why would God give us a clear road map up until the end and then say "you can figure it out "??.. just a thought.

Based on the current state of things, I would say this final spiritual battle is being waged and it’s quite obvious.