Israel-Hamas War Updates

My, my, my, how quick the story changes…

Israel can’t iron a shirt without U.S. support. For anyone doubting that, they’re a postage stamp country, smaller than New Jersey. No offense to my NJ readers! :smile:

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I guess they shouldn’t have been writing checks that their butts couldn’t case. Oh, that’s right, we’ve been writing the checks.

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Who would be shocked if true?..

I absolutely would not be shocked. I believe we are supplying Israel with a lot more than what’s being reported…and have been for decades.

So the U.S. recently “reportedly” transferred billions of dollars in arms to Israel, but…


This is quite a show they are putting on. I pray that more people turn to God so their eyes are opened. The agony of life over there must be horrendous. :frowning:

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If Biden was really thinking about a “sharp shift” in policy towards Israel, he wouldn’t have just provided billions in weapons. However, the fact he’s publicly saying this shows he’s trying to appease some.

That’s a lot of talk about not supporting…

So far America is, but it would be nice to see that change.

President Biden laid out an ultimatum to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in their call on Thursday: If Israel doesn’t change course in Gaza, “we won’t be able to support you,” he said, according to three sources with knowledge of the call. - Axois

If this wasn’t an election year, most of what we hear would never leave his lips. Same with all the rest with their cycles of speech. It is humorous to me that the American people don’t wake up and see this every election.

Interesting development…

Perhaps my last note on the war is valid.

Why would Israel suddenly pull out unless they were under immense pressure to do so?

Hate to feel this way, but I highly doubt that will last long. Or…they are taking the war in a more concealable fashion…

Other than having stolen the name, political “Israel” of 1948 is NOT in any way, shape or form related to Biblical Israel! Get that fact understood and the Mideast makes sense.

Read: GAZA by Finkelstein; THE JEWS OF KHAZARIA by Brook; THE JEWISH UTOPIA by Higger; TRADITIONS OF THE JEWS by Eisenmenger; JUDAISM DISCOVERED by Hoffman for starters.

BIG update!

All I read in Western media is Iran is about to attack Israel. I don’t see any of that from the Iranian media, only that they will have a response. Per my last update, Iran already took over an “Israel linked” vessel at sea.

Now, some of the Arabic brothers are banning together and saying the U.S. cannot use their airspace for an attack against Iran. I see nothing about this from Western media. As usual, you only get the narrative they want you fed with.

So Iran actually attacked Israel.

It’s been confirmed by Iranian media, article below. This is pretty shocking actually, it’s certainly unprecedented. Reports range that a dozen or so drones and “missiles” were launched against Israel from Iran.

It’s worth noting, Iran says its attack on Israel ‘concludes’ matter of Israeli attack on its embassy. So Iran’s done, but when I listened to Aljazzera media moments ago, Israeli press personal said Israel will provide a response.


Israel started the fight, Iran punches back, and Israel wants to escalate. That was the plan all along in my opinion. I have much more to say and talk about. I have a feeling I know what Monday’s article will be about.

Stay tuned.

I just came over here to see if you posted anything because I just read this. smh