Israel-Hamas War Updates

Since this war looks to drag out for a while, I’ll start placing updates here.

You can too, if you’d like to share a link or interesting update. It might be easier to have a one-stop shop and reference point, rather than filling the community with hordes of posts on the same subject.

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I don’t write the headlines…

This is what you can expect from the media. Mind you, both headlines are from the Israeli media on the same bat date, and the same bat time. And we wonder why we’re all confused and the world’s a mess?

No one knows what to believe anymore.

CPJ, the Committee to Protect Journalists said,

“79 journalists and media workers” have been killed in the Israel-Hamas war. The most since they began keeping records in 1992.

As of January 9th,

  • 79 journalists and media workers were confirmed dead: 72 Palestinian, 4 Israeli, and 3 Lebanese.
  • 16 journalists were reported injured.
  • 3 journalists were reported missing.
  • 21 journalists were reported arrested.

To put this into perspective, more journalists have died in Israel in three months than in Ukraine within the last two years. One estimate states, 1 out of 10 journalists in Gaza have been killed.

The war expands some more.

There’s a video clip on this one.

They’re already saying, this conflict may spiral and bring the U.S. into direct confrontation with Iran. Boy, they’ve been licking their chops for years on that and it very well could be prophecital.

I talk about it in:

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I was thinking about the series the other day. I have it all printed out and started over again…and then got side tracked. I need to work on that again! I’m studying Jeremiah now. Jer 22 reminded me of this topic!

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Less than 24 hours after the U.S. airstrikes on Yemen, we have the blow back…

Here’s the best part, Saudi Arabia has “great concern.”

Why’s that the best part?

Saudi Arabia and Yemen have been involved in military skirmishes for years, and even the Saudis don’t want the U.S. airstrikes on Yemen. Now, tell me the world’s not a messed up place.

Thank Goodness we have a senator like Lindsey Graham.

I think Hallmark needs to make that a card that can be used on National Random Acts of Kindness Day – February 17.

Deeper and deeper we go into the cesspool!

Woooo… I have some juice this morning.

Biden is “running out” of patience with Bibi as Gaza war hits 100 days. Apparently, Biden and Bibi haven’t had a chat in 20 days.

I think that’s all a propaganda play since it’s an election year. They need to prop him up to look tough…ha-ha.

Bibi will call soon when the check is late.

Well this keeps getting more interesting…

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This lady said it best. If you can find clip, watch it. I tried to put the link on here but I received an error message from MSN???

Joe Biden Trashed By Irish Lawmaker Over His Israel Policy

Clare Daly, an Irish Member of the European Parliament criticized President Joe Biden over his Israel policy. Daly referred to Biden as a “butcher” and said that Israel is widening the conflict with the blessing of the Biden’s administration. Daly also attacked Biden over his Irish roots and said that his “ancestors disown him” over his support of Israel.

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Here is the link.

Very interesting development…

It’s just words and the U.S. is still providing bombs, but we’ll see what happens. Public condemnation is very uncommon like this.

At least not until after the elections then they have a better chance.

Amos 3:9-11 came to mind thinking about the area and what is going on.

What Hamas did was wrong but how many times did the Lord send heathen nations to punish the true Israel when they went astray?

Why would we expect anything different of a heathen nation to start with.

It’s just not getting any better.

Not to mention, more innocents killed. The war is spreading like a plaque.

And more: