Here’s Why Adam Was Not Created In Genesis 1

Like calling someone “proudful” and “imprudent”.

Proverbs 6:19


Hello Cozar,

If you have ever participated in a debate, or written an essay, you would know that in any argument put forth, an individual is held to a high degree of standard. It is disrespectful when you do not view yourself or treat the others in that manner.

When providing a rebuttal to ones argument, an individual is expected to address the points mentioned thoroughly and not selectively choose from what has been stated. This shows politeness and care to what is going on. Otherwise, the lack of which is termed imprudence (carelessness).

Now, this has been violated not once, not twice. I think there is nothing wrong in providing positive criticism if it is geared to build us up. I would expect the same from you.

Likewise, no man is an Island, and in the study of the Word, God has used so many people for over 2000 years to help teach and expound the scripture. To state that one is not beholden to what others have to say is clearly a demonstration of pride. If I hold a view and don’t care to test it against what others have to say on the same topic and see how well it stands, that could be taken as demonstrating a high self-regard of one’s own views. This is what is called proudful. 1 Corinthians 10:12

Calling these things out is a demonstration of being a brother’s keeper. Better to speak up than to let a brother down. This is the frame of reference and the spirit in which the statements are made. There is no harm intended.

Proverbs 27:17

Have yourself a good day.

You’re setting up strawmen sir.

It’s not prideful to have your own opinion. I didn’t dismiss scholarly opinion, I mentioned it. Yet, my point is, I don’t discuss other scholars in my work. Each man plows his own field.

I never said that. It was a hypothetical statement. Two Asians cannot have a Black child, and so on.

I never said that, quite the contrary. Neither has science or history linked mankind to one couple. There was an article that alluded to it once, but it’s speculation. That’s why the world still wonders about human origin. It’s far from settled. Every race has unique features and DNA, not just skin color.

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Brandon here are some of your quotes,

Note: I don’t like discussing other scholarly opinions, but I have noticed other scholars also explain, Genesis 2:5, 8 discuss a different creation than Genesis 1, so I’m not alone in my rational here.

The fact that you do not like discussing other scholarly opinions makes you dismissive of them. In setting up an argument you cannot avoid the discussion of other scholarly opinions to include the ones in opposition to your viewpoints. This gives credibility to what you are teaching. Now, how is this strawman? (What proposition have I setup that is different from the one under discussion?)

Now that you have moved your stance/position to opinion. It is best you do not bring your disposition into the argument such that we can remain focused on topic, otherwise including it in your argument makes it subject to discussion. A mention of something, is not a discussion thereof. For example I could say, there is a theory of evolution and I have noticed other scholars also hold to the same theory, so I am not alone in my rational here. Would you call that a discussion of evolution? It is a mention of it alright, but certainly not a discussion.

Now observe the double talk here, at one moment you state you have an opinion and in the same place you state that you have a point, that is, “I don’t discuss other scholars in my work. Each man plows his own field.” One needs makeup their mind. At this moment, I will assume that you have a point and not just an opinion, which takes us back to where we started. :slightly_smiling_face:


Let me close by asking you a question.

  • If Adam and Eve were the only people God created, then where did the races come from?

Hey, a single white couple cannot produce black children. It’s impossible, throughout all of human history, it’s never happened.

In your defense, you state that you never said that Adam was white. But in your response above, this is implied. Nevertheless, I still ask you again, What Race is Adam? You still have not yet answered this question from all the discussions we have had regarding this.

Furthermore you state that two Asians cannot have a Black child, and so on. And in the earlier response, a single white couple cannot produce black children. No evidence is provided for your statements. Why? Could it be because you do not study what others have published concerning this topic? I will refer you to the stories of Sandra Laing, Ben and Angela Ihegboro, a black Nigerian couple, and the land of Africa where you can find people with all shades of color, etc yet sharing a common ancestry. In addition, since you plow in the filed of God (not your known), could you care to explain Cush and his descendants, Genesis 10:6? What Race is Cush by the way?

Yet still, do you ever wonder why the bible is silent about Race but always talks of Nations?


Our DNA dictates our race, the color of our eyes, etc. God hardcoded these things, they cannot change, and Scripture never said God changed the races or performed a miracle for Adam and his children to transform into other races. Not to mention, this would have had to happen in Noah’s day for believers of a global flood.

For believers of a global flood this is the conclusion. In your reasoning, you came to this conclusion assuming a global flood. This is what I am in agreement with when you made that conclusion.

Next, you state that Neither has science or history linked mankind to one couple. There was an article that alluded to it once, but it’s speculation. That’s why the world still wonders about human origin. It’s far from settled. Every race has unique features and DNA, not just skin color.

At this point I ask, who classifies/chooses what Race is? When you look at DNA, does it show a marker of Race, that this person is Black, White, Asian, etc or it houses a combination of genes? How many Races are there by the way? Are you to say that the children of a couple have the same DNA as the couple, and that the DNA of the siblings is identical, since these things are hardcoded and cannot change? With your claim, I challenge you to show us the DNA type – black, the DNA type – white, the DNA type – Asian, etc. If you cannot find it, then you might need to reconsider your position. On the other hand, it can be shown in Genesis 10 and the migrations of the NATIONS that we share a common ancestry. What are your objections to Genesis 10 now?

The world wonders about human origin because they simply do not want to accept the clear truth before them, we are all related to each other biologically. That we are distant cousins in one way or another.

I did an extensive study on the Bible and the creation stories. I agree with Brandon that these are actually two creation stories and they are chronological. One of the big differences for me are the differences in man. Genesis 2 man has a soul, and this is not mentioned in Genesis 1. This makes sense when looking at the name of God in Genesis 1 is an omnipotent God while in Genesis 2 it is Father God. Genesis 2 man will have a special relationship with God that Genesis 1 man will not have. I believe Genesis 1 man did not have the intellect to understand God’s calling to him, both because he didn’t have the mental capacity and he didn’t have a soul. Genesis 1 man is cave man, and original sin didn’t affect him. Genesis 2 man has a soul and all his descendants are affected by his original sin.