Do You Want To Know The Truth?

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Everyone says they have the truth, then you find out they believe differently than you, so who’s right? We only obtain truth by challenging our beliefs.


Well ain’t that the TRUTH!

hey did you see where that GOP candidate calls for pitchforks and torches? Now ain’t that the truth!


This is the best article. Well stated with thoughts and truth. (Your Bible studies are great.) I am keeping this one in “Save”.


Edna, glad you enjoyed it, and great to see you sign up. Welcome!

I missed that one Gwen, but he sure sounds like my kinda guy! :fire:

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maybe we should send him a message to add, TAR AND FEATHERS TOO!!


I agree, such a well thought out article! I’m guilty of clicking articles that benefit what I believe. But I must say, as my eyes are opening and admitting what I believed was true actually is not, is quite exhilarating! Many of the beliefs I had also gave me that gut feeling that there was just something about it that didn’t sit right in my head. I now question everything.

I think the goal of everyone should be to seek truth keeping in mind God’s Laws and letting the spirit lead you when researching. Asking God for guidance always. I know I still fall short, but I strive to please God and will never stop trying.

And I remember when people first got to use the “world wide web”…it was exciting times for sure, but how quickly it all changed. Satan always gets his fingers in every single thing. Comforting to know God still sits on the throne and will be forever!


that’s why a watchmen has that job…they know what they are looking for, OR they know it when they see it. the job is tied to the Word and the approaching of the enemy —and the end game is always on the mind—Father and His family wins.


This is a good post and to me ties right into Bible prophecy Matthew 24:3,4 when the apostles asked Jesus what signs shall we look for in the last days and Jesus replied, be careful that you are not deceived! There’s always been deception but not the magnitude it is now, which makes it very difficult to discern what is or who is telling the real truth.


Amen! the worst thing about knowing everything is that you can not learn anything else. A good example of that is when a new hire watched me wire several control boxes. it was only his second day so his opinion was not yet of any value to me. On the way back to the shop that evening he asked me why I did this or did that the way I did it. rather than dismiss his questions as I am bad about doing especially after a long day of work, I was in a rare mood and thought I would humor this know nothing kid. What do you mean? I asked. No disrespect, but you wire those panels the hard way and use more materials than you need to, and then he told me how he would do it. I was embarrassed because I knew the kid was right. Defense was futile so after several minutes of thought I conceded, you are exactly right, thank you for that. That’s how I will do it from now on.
Nobody knows everything except God, and all of us can learn more if we do more listening than talking. I know that’s right, and the truth!

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I’m sure we have all been guilty of that in one way or another! And your experience must have been pretty humbling.

Oh yeah, Me? wrong! how can that be? hahaha

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Brandon, talk about ‘truth’ In a speech by Joe Smo today concerning Donald Trump. He implied that he is a Godly man unlike these other evil conservatives trying to destroy democracy. And asked, who is going to fight for our democracy! as if he is the man that will. We have all learned their primary strategy by now, and that is to accuse their opponents of the very things that, they are in fact doing. Our democracy was not in trouble before Obama and Joe. His speech today and all prior I find to be sickening. What concerns me is the amount of people who believe in him. That is scary! That alone assures me that this country is in big trouble. What say others?

I guess you could say technically Joe is correct. We are trying to destroy the democracy they want, since we are not to be one. We are a republic.

This is why they hate Christians. We have our Godly rules, HIs constitution, which is a republic. (Deuteronomy 4:1-2)
When the rules are based on what the majority wants, a Democracy, Exodus 32:1 transpires.

If you start out with a Godly constitution, the little guy is always protected, when followed. This is why the law of precedence is unfair, wrong and dangerous.

When you start out with an ungodly constitution, and follow it, at least it would be applied equally.

But when you don’t have one at all, and have the majority rule, the rule of law and fairness would constantly change. Woke, race, foreigners, mob, attitudes, money, you name it, will all have an influence on the vote of the day on what is right or wrong. We see this building today, Babylon.

They continue to make this a war against people, and it isn’t. It is not against us, but against God Himself. How foolish are they to think they have a chance. We don’t even have to get in the ring.

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