DeSantis goes there, calls Fauci an elf

DeSantis is spot on about Fauci, but then he plays into the low IQ crowd by calling him an elf.

That’s for us to say, not a Governor. This is what politics has come to. You get more recognition and votes by calling names instead of using facts and truth. There are no more gentlemen.

Moreover, this really shows us how far the morality of society has dwindled. When our leaders stoop to the lowest levels, what can be expected from the rest of us?

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Also…anytime they go out and say what the people want to hear (regardless if that’s what they truly believe) the money rolls in.

And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them. ~ Isaiah 3:4


So very true! I actually have an article in queue that ties right into that. How easily we are manipulated.


DeSantis has done too much good to trash him for a silly joke about a elf, as administrator what kind of standards are you setting when referring to a crowd of people you don’t even know that they have a low IQ?

Joshua, welcome sir, thanks for joining us.

I hear you and don’t take offense. Hey, I like a lot of what DeSantis has done, and I have said that on the site. I just see a huge change on the right and I don’t like it.

Folks like Greene, Boebert, and Lake spin up the ol conspiracy factory, playing into the conspiracy crowd. They’ve also become really popular for it. I don’t want DeSantis playing into that. I suppose I’ve just had enough of it. Just state the facts, kill um with the truth, and move on.

If I remember correctly, DeSantis extended the protocol for hospitals to use remdesivir in the treatment of COVID which had been proven to be killing people. That, in my eyes, is inexcusable. I go back to my statement regarding that both the left and the right are playing the same game, just differently. Both evil. (Note, I voted for Trump and I was sucked into it all at one point - my eyes have since been opened. Trump still continues to push the vaccine, which is killing people. And that I know for a fact and has affected me personally.


DeSantis was the only politician in this country that stood up to Washington and their Covid mandates,lockdowns, also kept businesses open got our kids back in school stood against forced vaccines, stopped the anti white CRT from our schools. Stood up against Disney for promoting pedophilia and the grooming of our children and the list goes on. Trump wasn’t my favorite but after 8 years of Obama he was a Godsend, and to my pleasant surprise he did very well, fuel independent,low gas prices,soaring economy, brought jobs back to America showed military might when needed and again the list goes on. The liberal left wreak of evil it’s like second nature to them Republicans on the other hand have mostly caved in to very large bribes or were compromised in some way so I don’t see most Republicans as evil more like greedy and selfish. The bottom line it’s slim pickings out there therefore it would be in all of ours best interest if we choose the lesser of the 2 evils

Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate your reply.
I get what you’re saying , Some Republicans have been selling us out and I believe some have been compromised. But we really don’t know what each one of them are up against, But what we do know is almost all the media, social networks, movies, television, music, sports, schools, colleges etc. are for the most part anti Republican , when a Republican votes for a certain agenda or makes a statement that goes against the Left, a relentless smear campaign will trash their names and their families in a heartbeat , the evil that the Republicans are up against today is of biblical proportions. Unfortunately I only need 1 hand to count how many Republicans that haven’t caved in to the Left’s evil and DeSantis is one of them.

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DeSantis is simply being a politician, and a clever one at that. Calling that little bug an elf is quite mild since it is very likely he’s had a major hand indirectly or directly in the death of millions and or impediment in the lives of our nations children.

Of note it that DeSantis for several years now has been mimicking the mannerisms of Trump, notice his hand gestures, vocal delivery, even the suits he wears. He sees what works and is positioning himself to fill the void when Trump steps aside or is deemed impotent due to his pending legal battles.

The next couple election cycles will be fascinating to watch. If the mail in vote is used to the degree it was in 2020 with little to no verification, our elective institutions may never be the same. That is if the people stand for it…

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With all due respect, I do not think people who call anyone a name is playing to the low IQ crowd.

DeSantis should of have called Fauci; “the Dr. Mengele of our times,” to wake people up, and to look up who was Dr. Mengele and what travesties he did to other people. Frankly, I think Fauci has surpassed what Mengele had did.

Thanks Donna, I could have phrased it better for sure. When I watched him do that though, it made me feel like he was cheapening himself to add to his base. I see that from the new radical right as I explained above.

If you ever read Trump’s tweets when he was in office. Then you might understand why I said what I said, and why I feel that way. I guess I’m just saying, I don’t want DeSantis to mimic, in any way, the former President.

The only bummer about Fauci, he is much, much older than Mengele was. I’d love to see Fauci and friends serve time for what they did to us.


The thing that gives me solace is, God is the Judge and Fauci will get everything he has coming to him, he cannot escape that. :fire:


He calls himself a Christian and could of banned abortion in his state but instead allows them up to 15 weeks. Us women who have been pregnant know you feel the baby kicking at 15 weeks. Well over 71,000 1st trimester abortions were done in Florida last year. Big money racket there. Guess he glossed over one of the 7 things God hates is the shedding of innocent blood. I do not trust any of them at all.

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Here’s another one. Apparently, DeSantis will keep pulling from Trump’s playbook. Insult your enemies with petty childish lines. This is how far America has dropped morally. This used to be taboo. Personally, this puts me off, big time. I enjoy jokes, but these are behind closed door items. Publicly, stay strong and professional.

Interestingly enough, Newsom called him on it, and challenged DeSantis to a debate. It’s pretty clear, both of them are going to take a shot at 2024.

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I’m sure we all have had some adjectives in mind thinking about these evil people. There are very few politicians that start out with good intentions and don’t get corrupted. Hopefully, Desantis won’t be one of them.
We hear all this talk of the republicans taking back control. My prediction is if they do, it will be the same as last time, not much will change. The system is a beast that needs to be fed and it is past the point of return.